University benefits from sports teams time on national stage

Nationally televised games and USA Today profiles are doing more than just rewarding the Griz men’s basketball team for its winning season. They’re also sparking interest in the University.

Jed Liston, the University of Montana vice president of enrollment, said the national coverage after last Wednesday’s 22-point comeback win over Weber State could do wonders for the school. Positive press for Montana helps build a strong name that people won’t forget in the future, he said.

“Overall, name recognition of the school, all those kinds of things have a real effect,” Liston said. “That recognition leads to future students’ perceptions, too. That may be the difference in keeping prospective students’ attention. That’s the beauty of it.”

With the football team playing in a second-straight national championship game mere months ago and the men’s basketball team gracing many ESPN highlight reels this week, Montana has had a true presence on a national stage since early December.

That publicity can help the school’s name stay in the forefront of people’s minds, Liston said. Just like marketing any other product, the school has built a brand, and having people remember the Grizzly brand name will pay off, he said.
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